MOQdigital’s V-Team solution facilitates business continuity through COVID-19.


MOQdigital’s V-Team solution facilitates business continuity through COVID-19.

COVID-19 has spread throughout the world at an unprecedented speed disrupting the standard ways
organizations work. The current pandemic is demanding businesses to change course, embrace new
social norms, and use technology in novel ways to stay relevant while navigating towards the
forthcoming post-COVID-19 world.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis MOQdigital, a digital transformation company has shown resilience and
taken versatile measures to ensure the safety of its employees and their families, by shifting to a
“working from home” model coherently. Irrespectively the business continuity plans being
activated; MOQdigital has been able to maintain the service quality and availability seamlessly
during these trying times, allowing its customers to derive in great comfort and cope up with the
challenges presented by the pandemic.

MOQdigital has been at the forefront of the IT Services industry in Australia since 2005, forming
strong partnerships with industry-leading vendors and developing highly skilled cross border teams
to provide the best of breed solutions and services to help businesses achieve more. In this mission,
the company’s Sri Lanka office plays a vital role by providing access to high-quality talent. Currently,
with 150+ personnel focusing mainly on delivering Managed Services, MOQdigital Colombo delivers
a variety of IT services across numerous technology domains.

MOQdigital believes it should be easier for businesses to get the most out of their technology
investments. Therefore, V-Teams solution was designed utilizing the experience the company has
accrued in delivering high quality IT services and managing diverse remote teams over the years to
‘help customers achieve more.’ The V-Teams solution offers a bespoke IT Services solution to the
customer, allowing them to extend their internal technical teams using highly skilled resources
domiciled in Sri Lanka. The solution provides the customer the same level of control, flexibility, and
productivity they would experience with their internal teams without the overheads or the hassle of
setting up and managing their own branch office in Sri Lanka.

A multinational construction company headquartered in the United Kingdom with its regional office
in Australia has been utilizing MOQdigital V-Teams solution, proving its effectiveness as the most
beneficial way to hold a business continuum during the ongoing COVID -19 crisis. The resources of
the “Virtual” teams transitioned seamlessly to a “working from home” model without any disruption.
The clients’ IT Services continue to run at optimal levels, prompting the Global CIO of the client
organisation to commend the MOQdigital-innovated V-Teams Solution for “not missing a beat.”
As much as being a challenge, the pandemic has also presented an opportunity to innovate. New
technologies will be born, leaner, more resilient processes will be built, and new norms will be
formed as businesses prevail through this crisis. The evolving technology and business landscape
have made way for the “Virtual” worker to balance work and life during a pandemic attesting
MOQdigital’s V-Teams solution to be a timeliness solution to embrace and achieve more.

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