Technology Products

Sri Lanka’s innovations continue to transform the global economy, with the Country’s high-end technology products revolutionizing some of the world’s largest organizations and industries.

“Our long-term view of investing in Sri Lanka continues to pay dividends. We are proud to attract and retain the country’s most talented women and men in the sector, from university leavers through to industry experts, which has helped us create a diverse workforce that services as the backbone of our global business.”- Darren Roos, CEO, IFS


From ERP platforms to cloud-based HR products and restaurant and hotel management systems, Sri Lanka offers an array of technology products under a plethora of industry verticals. Sri Lanka’s innovations continue to power some of the world’s largest organizations, fueling multi-billion dollar industries such as aerospace and defense, healthcare, education and telecommunications.


Our deep-rooted culture of innovation and a consistent strive for excellence have been pivotal factors in driving success in the technology products sector. This coupled with deep niche skills and a culture of flexibility and adaptability have ensured that Sri Lanka continues to be at the leading edge of high-end global product engineering.

Our Companies

Technology products invented by Sri Lankan companies have long been at the forefront of innovation, helping transform industries as we know them. From powering eBay, the world’s largest marketplace, to revolutionizing and humanizing modern warfare through AI and machine learning, Sri Lanka continues to be a pioneer in the development of technology products in the global arena.

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