ICT Spring 2021 – Digital Summit – Digital Supply Chain Europe


SLIF 2021 – Country Session for Indian Investors

SLIF 2021 – Country Session for Chinese Investors

SLIF 2021 – Deep Dive Forum on the Banking Sector

SLIF 2021 – Deep Dive Session on Pharma Manufacturing Destination

SLIF 2021 – Startup Ecosystem Landscape in Sri Lanka

SLIF 2021 – Deep Dive Forum on Sri Lanka’s Cyber & Data Protection Frameworks

SLIF 2021 – Experience Sharing Panel – Insights from MNC CEOs in SL

SLIF 2021 – Deep Dive Forum on Agriculture

How Sri Lankan gaming culture saving the world

Vega at Geneva Motor Show 2020

LSEG Technology: the creators of the engine of the London Stock Exchange

Ann Neidenbach, CIO of London Stock Exchange shares her experience of working with innovative and dedicated Sri Lankan teams​

The Island of Ingenuity: The need for a country brand

Why NAZ regrets not investing in Sri Lanka!

Jaffna BPO: The moving story of how a company and a charity came together to touch lives

The Sri Lankan that Changed Jeff Bezos’ Life

How Calcey’s extended team helps remain competitive

Technology that turns food services into a piece of cake

Chris Trill, Global Head of Consumer Services, HSBC shares his experience of working with Sri Lanka

SLIF 2021 – Session hosted by SLASSCOM

Island of Ingenuity is a collective of the knowledge services industry in Sri Lanka, whose ethos is to provide inventive solutions through proactive and flexible customer engagement. It is endorsed by the Sri Lanka Export Development Board, Sri Lanka Board of Investment, Sri Lanka Association of Software and Service Companies, Information & Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka, Federation of Information Technology of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Electronic Manufacturers and Exporters Association.