With a cultural emphasis on both knowledge and hospitality, Sri Lankan professionals deliver unrivaled professional services with a flair for top-of-the-line customer service. We do best at tasks that require thinking fresh on-our-feet to make strategic and informed decisions.

“Sri Lankans are known to be strong program and relationship managers and are able to handle complex, differentiated tasks rather than just routine processes”- A.T. Kearney


Whether it’s Artificial Intelligence, Finance and Accounting, Data Analytics, High End Financial Modelling, or Legal and Market Research, the sector possesses countless experts in countless domains providing highly specialized services. The sector also possesses immense expertise in logistics, leisure and apparel manufacturing.

Sri Lankan professional service firms differentiate themselves by approaching problems from a client’s perspective, assuming the role of a partner, co-creator, and co-imaginator, vested in the client’s success. Our firms excel at going above and beyond and have almost made it a habit to deliver at far greater than the value initially required


Education runs deep within Sri Lankan culture. As a prized commodity, learning and continuous development is instilled in every Sri Lankan at a very early age, with primary, secondary and tertiary education being provided free of charge by the government. Perhaps that’s why Sri Lankans are an inherently curious people with creative minds and natural problem-solving skills. Recognizing this, a number of foreign universities and professional bodies (such as the University of London, Monash University, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and the British Computer Society) have established degree and certificate-awarding affiliate centers in the country.

Not only do we boast some of the highest literacy and computer literacy rates in the region, we also possess the second largest number of CIMA graduates after the UK and 50% of students earning higher education degrees are trained in business and technical disciplines. Our graduates grow to become game-changing industry leaders who aspire for both local and global accolades and recognition. Sri Lanka has also been progressively attracting members of the highly qualified diaspora to leverage their wide global exposure by taking up leadership positions back home.

Our Companies

Globally recognized solution frameworks and systems streamlined for efficiency and throughput characterize the operations of Sri Lankan professional service firms. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and alike, our companies cater to their specific requirements and have been recognized for both service excellence and service consistency.

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Island of Ingenuity is a collective of the knowledge services industry in Sri Lanka, whose ethos is to provide inventive solutions through proactive and flexible customer engagement. It is endorsed by the Sri Lanka Export Development Board, Sri Lanka Board of Investment, Sri Lanka Association of Software and Service Companies, Information & Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka, Federation of Information Technology of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Electronic Manufacturers and Exporters Association.