Was Covid 19 a catalyst for change?


2020 has had an unfair amount of challenges, from natural to financial disasters, the worst for the year would have to be the Corona Virus. Appearing out of virtually nowhere it has hit the world like a nasty punch to the gut. Companies were forced to rethink complete strategies in a matter of days. The financial implications of the outbreak were dire. Unless companies decided to act.

If you look at the history of evolution it is clear to see that organisms would not change unless forced to. If they are given the optimal conditions to thrive they will continue to do so. They are forced to adapt and evolve when they are put in a situation where they have no control over.

Covid 19 has created such an environment. Companies were faced with 2 options. Adapt or die. Just like in nature.

Antler Foundry’s founding principle was that remote working is the new norm. Companies who signed up with us locally and internationally did so knowing that they would no longer see what they are paying for. They would only experience it. We were able to continue business as usual without missing a single day simply because we have the necessary infrastructure, policies and continuity plans in place.

Sri Lanka has and will always be the perfect destination to outsource/offshore to due to our talent pool, quick recruitment cycles and literacy rate.

The fact that we have been voted as one of the top travel destinations is an added bonus for whoever wants to visit us to ensure business is continuing as usual.

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