‘Business As Usual’ For 99X Technology And Its Customers Through COVID-19 Pandemic


Globally, organisations are reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 and are coming to terms with an unfamiliar reality. Yet, through the haze, we see companies doing their utmost to continue ‘business as usual’, supporting their people, customers and communities. Software product engineering specialist 99X Technology continues to operate at maximum productivity, with over 300 employees working from their homes, powering Scandinavian businesses through this pandemic.

Its customers too have proved to be adaptable to the crisis, with each and every one of them continuing to function, ably supported by their development teams at 99X Technology. The following are some sentiments shared by its customers on the prevailing situation and the continued partnership between the entities.

“It is a very special situation with both the Norwegian and 99X Technology teams working from home offices during the Coronavirus outbreak. So far, we have not noticed any reduction in productivity, and 99X Technology has been handling the situation really professionally. One possible outcome could very well be that we end up even more productive when working from home,“ stated Roger Gullhaug, Head of Development of RamBase, Hatteland.

“The BUS 99X team has shown their resilience with solid deliveries in a productive work-from-home constellation during the Coronavirus pandemic. The team’s communication is just as strong during this time, and the collective flexibility, creativity and optimism we share gives us confidence in our ability to meet upcoming deadlines and continue working in this style for as long as needed,” said BUS Product Owner Einar Dahle and Product Manager Lauren Høivik.

“Productivity has been good and we’ve managed to keep up development velocity even though all members of the team are working from home. There has been a slight overhead while all of us are learning new daily routines, but I’m confident we will get up to par in no time. Overall, I’m impressed with the response from 99X in working during these pandemic times. We are able to keep up development work and develop new features and solutions,” noted Vegard Eldøen, Technical Product Owner of Easy2You. 

“The team now works and delivers as normal with frequent releases. Several teams have already delivered releases and more releases are in the pipeline. We are getting used to working 100% digital and have the tools we need for this purpose. New tools are also tried out and there is nothing indicating that we should not be able to keep being productive if this situation drags out, observed Jan Petter Hagberg, R&D Operation and QA Manager of SuperOffice. 

By planning ahead and keeping up an excellent level of communication, 99X is doing a great job managing its teams through uncertain times. Our 99X team had a well-organized transition from office to working from home these days – everybody is motivated as usual and keeping up with all deliveries! said Rafael Martins, Lead Developer of Facilit. 

The PicaSix team leaders have informed us perfectly, earliest and clearly throughout the steps taken due to the pandemic, which we fully understand and support. We have the convincing impression that 99X Technology was and is in a very sophisticated state to handle the pandemic and keeps health of its personnel as first priority, and delivery of service highest possible thereafter,” noted Ralph Ulmer, Project Manager of PicaSix.  

A key factor in how well we deal with critical situations is how well we prepare for them, and how soon we are able to take action when they occur. We are lucky to say that the impact related to COVID-19 has been minimal to none on production. Both organizations have a long history of facilitating working at home/remotely, hence the minimal impact,” observed Kenneth Grande, CTO of Aspit AS. 

He added: “Plans were in place, and action was taken early. We are grateful for the swift and effective measures taken from 99X Technology‘s side early on. All teams are productive and collaborating as normal, and the team spirit is strong. Being able to adjust and adapt in any situation are important qualities of a company, and both 99X Technology and Aspit have proven their ability to do so in these difficult times across borders all over the world.  

Compello’s CTO Torgeir Lyngstad and Product Manager Gøril Thue noted: The Compello 99X Technology team works and delivers normally during the Coronavirus pandemic from Colombo. Progress on planned activities is proceeding as planned, and our collaboration is not currently affected by the employees working from home office. I’m confident we can continue to be productive – even if it should extend for several more weeks. 

“It’s amazing how the Norkart 99X Technology team goes above and beyond to ensure our project reaches the deadline in these difficult times. They have really proven their ability to continue delivering as normally as possible, while keeping up their good spirits,” said Marius Seglsten, CTO of Norkart. 

Commenting on the current situation, Mano Sekaram, CEO of 99X Technology stated:

I thank our people for their tireless efforts – it’s very heartening to see our teams maintaining their productivity and continuing to add value to our customers. My thanks also go out to our customers for their resolve and flexibility during this crisis, which has enabled us to press on. We will continue to stay strong during this time and do our part in taking care of our people and uplifting the industry.” 

Understanding the importance of assisting other businesses, both small and large, in ensuring business continuity through this pandemic, 99X Technology has also taken steps to create a community portal of guidelines, policies and best practices. The ‘COVID-19 Action Centre for Workplaces’ includes guidelines on assessing business impact and taking necessary countermeasures, work from home tips, useful information on the pandemic and much more. 

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