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How the Lead Management Process Works

The Island of Ingenuity’s lead management process has been formulated to ensure that potential customers and investors receive the best possible first impression of the ease and efficiency of working with the Sri Lankan ICT/BPM sector.

  1. As soon as a lead is generated on the portal, the Island of Ingenuity team will follow up with the individual or company to obtain more information about their requirements.
  2. The team will then consult a database of Sri Lankan ICT/BPM companies that actively maintain company profiles on the portal (and have listed their products, services, and credentials) and create a longlist of relevant companies.
  3. An Expression of Interest (EOI) will then be sent to every company on the list along with the particulars provided by the lead and details on the screening criteria (closely based on the lead’s precise requirements). The EOI form may contain a request for additional information to further determine a company’s eligibility.
  4. Afterwards, submissions will be scored against the aforementioned criteria and not more than three of the highest-scoring companies will be shortlisted.
  5. Finally, the profiles of these companies will be shared with the lead, and discussions will be scheduled and facilitated between each party.

Island of Ingenuity is a collective of the knowledge services industry in Sri Lanka, whose ethos is to provide inventive solutions through proactive and flexible customer engagement. It is endorsed by the Sri Lanka Export Development Board, Sri Lanka Board of Investment, Sri Lanka Association of Software and Service Companies, Information & Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka, Federation of Information Technology of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Electronic Manufacturers and Exporters Association.